How to Remove Stains from Your Carpet 

Cleaning Stains from Your Carpet the Right Way 

  1. Never Scoop or Dig Food Spills

Scooping and digging can only work the stain into your carpet. As a matter of fact, if there are solid particles on top of your carpet’s stain, it’s best that you use a dull knife or a spoon in order to scrape the solid food toward the center of the spill and right into a clean towel and then you can already treat the stain.

  1. Make Sure to Act Quickly

The moment you immediately get to a stain, there is a ninety-nine percent chance that you can be able to completely remove it. This is because the longer the stain chemically reacts with the fibers of your carpet, the more challenging it is to fully remove. 

  1. Consider Using Water First 

As a matter of fact, around eighty percent of carpet stains can be easily removed with the use of plain tap water. In order to remove stains from your carpet using plain tap water, simply press a dry and clean while piece of clothing over the stain in order to make sure that the spill will be absorbed. You should repeat this as well until all the spill on your carpet is fully absorbed. After that, gently work plain tap water into the carpet stain using a clean damp white piece of cloth as well as blot until the stain on your carpet is completely gone.  You can also change clean pieces of cloths whenever needed.  

In addition to that, for a more stubborn part on your carpet, you can hire a professional and highly skilled carpet cleaning professional to do the job for you. Professional carpet cleaners can really give you a lot of benefits since they are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled enough to perform high quality and efficient carpet cleaning service. 

  1. Blot – Do Not Scrub or Rub

Scrubbing or rubbing stains will only create a fuzzy area and damage the carpet fibers. Just blot from the outer side toward the middle of the stain in order to prevent spreading the spot as well as making a bigger problem. 

  1. Be Patient 

Gently work with the water into the stain area then blot it with the dry cloth. Repeat this step until the spill is finally gone and the water has already been absorbed. If you are patient enough to perform this step, you will definitely be able to remove almost all stains. 

  1. On Tough Stains, Try Using Club Soda or Vinegar

If the water alone cannot remove the stains, try using a water solution and a white vinegar (equal amounts) or just a club soda prior to trying a much stronger cleaning product for your carpet. 

  1. Make Sure to Test Commercial Cleaning Products First Before Using It

Some carpet cleaning products can actually cause your carpet to deteriorate and get dirty much faster, most especially it’s texture and color. This is the reason you should make sure that you test it first before using. And, to make sure that you are able to preserve the quality of your carpet, choose to hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Newmarket Ontario.

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